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There's lots of choice when your looking for a treadmill so if you want a cheap treadmill that has a full range of features and is easy to use then look no further than the PowerTech Magforce Strider Treadmill which does not even need a power supply as the conveyor built is driven round by you walking or running and the resistance to your walking or running is fully adjustable making your exercise harder or easier.
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If you want an electric treadmill that plugs into the wall socket and drives the running belt round then buy the IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill which also folds when not in use for easy storage, the running deck lifts upwards and locks in position out of the way giving you more floor space when not in use, you also get 15 exercise programmes built in which you select from the digital display and control panel.

For a professional treadmill buy the IM Fitness Stamina XTI Treadmill which has a large running area with plenty of room so you won't feel boxed in or like your about to be pushed off as can happen on smaller treadmills, there's 12 professional exercise programmes that you select from the digital display and these exercise programmes are designed to help you meet your different goals such as lose weight, increase stamina, build leg muscles and shape.

Looking for a space saving design in your treadmill then take a look at the IM Fitness Space Saver Folding Treadmill which has a unique folding treadmill base that actually folds ninety degrees upwards so none of the treadmill deck is on the floor when not in use, the treadmill deck locks vertically out of the way giving you much more room in your home.

If you like to make your own exercise programs then you can with the PowerTech Pacemaker Plus Treadmill, simply design your own exercise programmes on the digital display and save the exercise programmes so you can recall them the next time you exercise, you also get a MP3 socket so you can plug in your MP3 player and the sound will come out of the built in stereo speakers on the treadmill, no more battling with headphones that fall out your ears when your jogging.

For a very modern design treadmill take a look at the PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill which has a unique single column stem that not only looks very attractive but gives you far more room on the treadmill with no more treadmill supports to accidentally hit your feet on and with a built in cooling fan that you can angle towards yourself you can run in a cool calming breeze if you like.

If you like running up hill then the IM Fitness Marathon Pro Treadmill is for you as this treadmill features a 16 stage high power incline so you have 16 different levels of incline or hill to choose from and with an MP3 socket you can listen to your music through the built in speakers without having to worry about sweaty headphone pads in your ears.

Looking for a semi-commercial treadmill that's big and strong and will last for years then take a look at the PowerTech Olympian Treadmill which is easy to use and has a large running area and a massive 48 different exercise programmes so you will find something of interest be it weight loss, staying in shape, cardio vascular or toning your legs.

Fancy a treadmill with a motorised incline so you can raise and lower the treadmill running deck simply by pushing a button then buy the PowerTech Mira 7000 Treadmill if you like walking or running up hill then your enjoy the ease with which you can higher and lower the amount of hill or incline your running against, there's even a built in fan to keep you cool blowing cold air at you whilst you run or walk and a built in stereo speaker system so your music can be heard right next to you coming out of the stereo speakers in the treadmill console.

For the ultimate treadmill how about the Powertech Ultimate X LCD Treadmill which has its own built in LCD television screen for watching Freeview TV programs whilst you exercise and with stereo speakers and the TV right in front of you as you run or walk on the treadmill your never get bored and with 25 exercise programmes built into the exercise computer your get fit too.

If an elliptical cross trainer is more of interest then take a look at the PowerTech X Train 1000 Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer which is one of the cheapest cross trainers you can buy, whilst it's cheap PowerTech certainly haven't sacrificed quality as you get a pulse reader built into the handlebars that calculates your heart rate by taking your pulse and five levels of adjustable tension so you can exercise with just the right amount of effort to get you in shape.

If you always have problems with the handlebars on your cross trainer either too high or too low or just not at the right angle then buy the PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer which has height adjustable handlebars and non slip footplates so your not only have a more comfortable exercise but be safer too.

Fancy an exercise bike and just want something cheap that will do the job without costing much then buy the Powertech Rapide Exercise Bike its the cheapest exercise bike available and jolly good for the price with a five function exercise computer and friction resistance system you have all the features without a high price and the free delivery will make this exercise bike even more of a bargain.

If you want pulse sensors on your exercise bike then consider the Cintura Sports EX60 Exercise Bike which not only has handlebar pulse sensors that measure the pulse in your hands as you hold the handlebars and relay this information to the digital display as a heart rate readout in BMP Beats Per Minute, you get adjustable foot straps too so you can hold your feet firmly on the pedals, of course you don't have to use the foot straps as some people don't like them but they are there if you need them.

Rowing machines are always popular and with the Body Sculpture BR-3010 Gym and Rower you get a instruction DVD to show you how to use the rowing machine, its like having your own gym instructor with you showing you what to do to get the most out of your rowing machine and showing you how to use your rowing machine properly.

If you want a rowing machine exactly like the ones at the gym then you need an air rower like the Body Sculpture BR-2700 Air Rowing Machine which uses an air braking system just like the professional models and has pivoting footplates so your feet don't get sore like they do on fixed footplates that don't move but instead require your feet to flex uncomfortably.

Vibration machines are very popular for the home now as they are so much easier and more effective than exercising alone the PowerTech 2000W Vibration Machine is the latest model and features seventy different vibration speeds to choose from starting at slow and moving right up to large and fast vibrations that will give you a full body massage as well as an effective exercise.

For something a little cheaper try the PowerTech 1500W Vibration Machine which has a twin handlebar design with handlebars at standing and sitting height so there's always a handlebar close by for your safety and so you can use the handlebar as part of your exercise routine.

Looking for a big trampoline for the back garden for you and the children to bounce up and down on then buy the Big Air Universal 15ft plus Safety Enclosure which is the largest trampoline available and suitable for the whole family, you get a five year warranty and free delivery too.

For another big trampoline take a look at the Big Air Extreme 14ft plus Safety Enclosure which has 96 springs for the biggest bounce and all over padding and a safety enclosure to keep everyone safe and prevent injuries. Get fit it's all good clean fun.
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