Big Air Extreme 10ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure

Buy the Big Air Extreme 10ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure the Strong Trampoline with 5 Year Warranty and Wider Springs for a Bigger Bounce.

The Big Air Extreme 10ft Trampoline is built to last with a strong steel tube frame that has been galvanised both inside and out to prevent rust and the frame joints are all heavy duty box joints so you know the trampoline is built to last, you can leave the trampoline outside all year round and it won't rust or degrade in fact the Big Air Extreme 10ft Trampoline comes with a 5 year warranty and certification by GS/TUV standards so you know its the highest quality.
Big Air Extreme 10ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Strong Trampoline with 5 Year Warrenty.

Strong Trampoline with 5 Year Warranty, Wider Springs for a Bigger Bounce.

With a maximum user weight of 24 stone everyone in the house can bounce on this trampoline whether your a heavyweight or a lightweight your enjoy the extra bounce provided by 72 large helical springs which work in unison with the bounce mat which is a rubber elastic polymer called Permatron as well as providing a high bounce the bounce is even across the surface of the trampoline so unlike some trampolines that are only bouncy in the middle the Big Air Extreme 10ft Trampoline is bouncy across its surface.

The rubber mat won't rot or degrade in sunlight or rain its resistance to mildew too and will give many years of service and can be left outside in the garden all year round even through the winter months.

The Big Air Extreme 10ft Trampoline is easy to assemble full instructions are provided and there's plenty of drawing and step by step photos to make assembly easy, all the tools you need for assembly are included with the trampoline but you don't need many tools as its very simple to assemble and within one hour your have your 10 foot garden trampoline assembled and ready for use.

The Big Air Extreme 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure has an all weather cover you can use this cover to keep the rain, snow and sun off the trampoline when not in use so the trampoline materials won't fade or rust and if its being raining the trampoline won't get wet so its ready to use as soon as you have removed the trampoline cover, with sunlight comes UV Ultra Violet light exposure which can make some materials loose their colours and even become brittle and break the trampoline cover will prevent this extending the life of your trampoline by many years.

There's a trampoline ladder too you can use the ladder to help the smaller children more easily climb in and out of the trampoline there's a door in the safety enclosure fasten with a toggle and placing the trampoline ladder under the door will make it much easier for everyone to climb in and out.

There's also a trampoline anchor kit available if you live in an exposed windy location you might want to use the anchor kit to prevent the trampoline from blowing over (only high winds will cause the trampoline to blow over), the anchor kits is pushed into the ground and attaches to the trampoline frame you can either cement the anchor kit into the ground if you want a more permanent anchor.

The anchor kits will also help prevent the trampoline being moved or even stolen if that is a problem in your neighbourhood and securing the trampoline to the ground is certainly a deterrent that everyone can see and will help lower your insurance e premium.

There's a five year warranty with the trampoline so should you have any problems with the frame or legs your covered and will get a free replacement of free repair and with free delivery by courier and a discounted price on the trampoline your really getting a good deal.
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