Big Air Extreme 14ft Trampoline

Buy the Big Air Extreme 14ft Trampoline the Large Trampoline for Garden Use that's Easy To Move Round The Garden.

If you want a very large trampoline but still want to be able to move the trampoline easily around the garden then buy the Big Air Extreme 14ft Trampoline, the frame whilst made from very strong galvanised steel tube with box section joints for strength is light and easy to move, so if your worried about your lawn getting worn out with the trampoline in one place all the time your be glad to know that the Big Air Extreme 14ft Trampoline is easy to drag around your garden and when you do drag the trampoline the folded metal legs means the trampoline does not tear up your lawn.
Big Air Extreme 14ft Trampoline, Large Trampoline for Garden Use.

Large Trampoline for Garden Use, Easy To Move Round The Garden.

Move the trampoline so you can mow the lawn underneath or place the trampoline on concrete, sand or bark chippings the strong metal frame will support the trampoline on any of these surfaces but if you are going to use the trampoline on a hard surface consider a trampoline safety enclosure or soft tiles on the play area.

Whilst children love playing on the trampoline the Big Air Extreme 14ft Trampoline is made for adults too and will support a maximum adult weight of 24 stone so everyone in the family can have a good bounce without worrying that they are too heavy for the trampoline.

Adults will enjoy trampolining and exercise where jumping on the trampoline firms your bum and thighs whilst the cardio vascular exercise of bouncing up and down using your arms and legs will help you burn some calories and lose some weight.

The springs are covered with a closed cell polythene padding which absorbs impact and provides a thick layer of protection if you happen to jump or land on the springs which are on the edge of the trampoline.
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