Body Sculpture BC-6710G Programmable Magnetic Bike.

Buy the Body Sculpture BC-6710G Programmable Magnetic Bike the Home Use, Quiet Exercise Bike so you can Exercise in Front of the TV.

The magnetic resistance and braking system used on the Body Sculpture BC-6710G Programmable Magnetic Bike is super quiet so you can sit on your exercise bike in front of the TV and hear your TV programmes without needing to turn the volume up loud, you can also put a book, magazine or newspaper on top of the handlebars and read without distraction from a noisy exercise bike.
Body Sculpture BC-6710G Programmable Magnetic Bike, Home Use, Quiet Exercise Bike.

Home Use, Quiet Exercise Bike.

The magnetic resistance system used as well as being near silent has few moving parts so its less likely to wear out than other exercise bikes and it gives a smooth ride too with no difficulty pushing down on the pedals when you first start pedalling like you find on some makes of exercise bike.

The combined exercise computer and graphical digital display has 18 different exercise programmes you can choose from with programmes designed to help you lose weight, tone your legs and bottom, increase your cardio vascular activity, enjoy a fast ride or a gentle cycle, there's a built in exercise programme for everyone's exercise goals.

Included in the exercise computer is body fat measurement which will measure your percentage of body fat using the BMI or Body Mass Index method and display the results on the digital display, use the body fat measurement when you first buy the Body Sculpture BC-6710G Programmable Magnetic Bike and again after you have exercised to see the difference.

The exercise programmes include target heart rate, here pulse sensors in the handlebars of the exercise bike measure your pulse when you hold the handlebars and calculate your heart rate from your pulse, displaying your heart rate in BPM Beats Per Minute on the digital display and also automatically adjust the resistance level of the exercise bike making it easier or harder to pedal depending on your heart rate, so if your heart rate rises too much the resistance level will; fall and it will be easier to peddle, conversely if your not working heard enough and your heart rate shows at rest then the resistance will increase so you have to work harder.
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