Body Sculpture BC-7200GHKG Exercise Bike.

Buy the Body Sculpture BC-7200GHKG Exercise Bike the Top Quality Exercise Bike with Exercise Computer that Measures Body Fat, Pulse, Temperature, Calories, Speed and Time.

The Body Sculpture BC-7200GHKG Exercise Bike is a top quality exercise bike with some great features like a colour digital display that measures your body fat using the Body Mass Index method (BMI), use this feature to find out your percentage of body fat when you first buy the exercise bike and then measure yourself again after you have used the Body Sculpture BC-7200GHKG Exercise Bike a few times.
Body Sculpture BC-7200GHKG, Top Quality Exercise Bike.

Top Quality Exercise Bike.

As well as measuring body fat the Body Sculpture BC-7200GHKG Exercise Bike also measures your pulse and your heart rate, this is done without needing chest straps or ear lobe clips or any other gadget, simply hold your hands on the handlebars as you pedal and your pulse will be read by a detector inside the handlebars, the pulse is then used to calculate your heart rate in much the same way as a doctor would take your pulse to calculate your heart rate.

The heart rate is then displayed on the colour digital display and can be used by the built in exercise programmes to automatically read your heart rate and adjust how hard your working on the exercise bike, if your heart rate goes too high or too low the exercise bike can make your cycling easier or harder to keep your heart rate on track, you can even set a target heart rate and the exercise bike will push you to work hard and achieve your target heart rate.

With 12 exercise programmes and the ability to remember (save) 4 different users settings this is an excellent exercise bike for the whole family where everyone can save their settings and any exercise programmes they use for instant recall.
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