18 Exercise Programs, Heart Rate Control, User Programmable.

Buy the Body Sculpture BE-6710G Elliptical with 18 Exercise Programs, Heart Rate Control and User Programmable with Body Fat Measurement, Pulse and Calories Displayed.

The Body Sculpture BE-6710G Elliptical has so many features and yet is easy to use and looks stunning with dark grey colours and striking red fixed handlebars and light grey coloured highlights,
Body Sculpture BE-6710G Elliptical, 18 Exercise Programs, Heart Rate Control, User Programmable.

Body Fat Measurement, Pulse, Calories.

There's 18 exercise programmes to choose on the Body Sculpture BE-6710G Elliptical as well as heart rate control exercise programmes what that means is that as you exercise your pulse is being measured by a pulse sensor in the handlebar, as long as you hold the handgrips your pulse is measured and your heart rate calculated and displayed on the digital display screen, as well as displaying your heart rate the computer can automatically adjust the resistance level of the elliptical trainer and the exercise programme your using making your exercise programme harder or easier depending on the readings obtained from your heart rate.

If the Body Sculpture BE-6710G Elliptical calculates that your struggling and your heart rate is elevated then the elliptical trainer will lower the resistance levels whilst you recover then when you have recovered the resistance levels (how hard it is to move the pedals) will get harder again its like having your own personal trainer exercising with you. of course not everyone wants this level of involvement and there's also manual control so you can just set a reissuance level you like and start training.

As well as heart rate the Body Sculpture BE-6710G Elliptical can also measure your body fat displaying your BMI or Body Mass Index number on the screen as an indication of how much body fat you have, then after several weeks of exercise run the body fat test again and see how much your body fat has reduced, its a great way to actually get a quantitative number on your weight loss rather than just thinking that you feel thinner than you used too.
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