Red Coloured Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Buy the Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer the Red Coloured Elliptical Cross Trainer with Dual Handlebars.

Looking for a smart elliptical trainer and fancy something in a red colour then better buy the Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer, not only does it have smart red highlights on a white gloss body but you also get two sets of handlebars so its like having to exercise machines in one, the stationary handlebars provide a step machine and the moving elliptical handlebars provide the elliptical trainer machine.
Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer, Red Coloured Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Dual Handlebars.

The handlebars can be height adjusted up or down so if your short or tall your be able to adjust the handlebar height to a height that suits you nest, note that not all elliptical trainers offer height adjustable handlebars and that's just one of the extra features you get with the Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer.

The braking and resistance system uses magnetic resistance which is very quiet, has few moving parts and does not wear out quickly like other resistance systems so your get many years of service from the Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer.

If you enjoy exercising early in the morning or late at night when everyone is asleep then your appreciate the quiet magnetic resistance system which makes hardly any noise in operation so if you do have family or are sharing a house you can still exercise without waking everyone.

The tension control or resistance has two adjustments a course control and a fine control so you can very accurately select how much resistance you want, the resistance is a level of how hard it will be to move the pedals, you can select exactly how hard or how easy it is to move the pedals, the harder it is to move the pedals the harder your exercising and the quicker your reach your exercise goals like losing weight, firming your bottom or toning your legs.
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