Cintura Sports EX60 Exercise Bike.

Buy the Cintura Sports EX60 Exercise Bike the Modern Exercise Bike that's Gloss White With Red Highlights.

The Cintura Sports EX60 Exercise Bike is a modern looking exercise bike in modern colours of gloss white (shiny white) with red trim on the sides and control panel, the pedals, seat and handle bars are coloured black and the pedals have adjustable foot loops that will hold your feet firmly on the pedals, not everyone likes strapping their feet on the pedals and if your one of those that don't then you don't have to use the foot loops if you don't want to.
Cintura Sports EX60 Exercise Bike, Modern Exercise Bike.

Modern Exercise Bike.

This is a compact design exercise bike that won't take up masses of room in your home, its compact but still manages to be sturdy with a high grade steel frame inside and quality plastics that really make the exercise bike look stunning.

The magnetic resistance systems means that the bike is super quiet in operation so no disturbing others with a noisy exercise bike and your be able to read or watch TV whilst you cycle without any noise from the exercise bike interfering.

The Cintura Sports EX60 Exercise Bike is very stable with a curved rear stabiliser foot preventing any vibration or rocking on you floor so you can cycle as hard as you like without fear of knocking or scratching the floor.

The bike seat can be adjusted for any height from short to long and the handlebars have multiple hand positions so you can hold the handlebars at the sides of down at the front giving your both a conventional bike and a racing bike handlebar position.

On the handlebars are pulse sensors that monitor the pulse in your hands when you hold the handlebars there's no wires to attach, simply hold the handlebars and your pulse will be measured and displayed on the digital screen and your heart rate will be calculated from your pulse data and displayed on the screen too.
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