First Time Buyer Treadmill.

Buy the IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill the First Time Buyer Treadmill that's Space Saving with a Folding Design and Transport Wheels.

If your looking to buy a treadmill but concerned about the space the treadmill will take up in your home then buy the IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill as its a folding treadmill which means the lower deck that you run on pulls up on hydraulic arms and locks in a vertical position lifting the treadmill running area clear of the floor and holding the running area vertically off the floor and out of the way so when folded the IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill takes up virtually no room.
IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill, First Time Buyer Treadmill.

Space Saving, Folding Design, Transport Wheels.

When folded the transport wheels on the IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill touch the floor making the treadmill easy to move around your home simply by pushing the folded treadmill on its wheels, if you like running or walking up hills then your be pleased to hear that the IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill has a 3 stage adjustable incline so simply choose how much of a hill you would like to run or walk up and start exercising and then when you want the treadmill running deck flat again simply lower the incline.

There's a large digital display on the treadmill between the handlebars which shows you your pulse as measure by pulse sensors built into the handlebars of the treadmill, simply hold the handlebars and the pulse sensors will automatically read the pulse in your hands, calculate your heart rate in BPM Beats Per Minute and display your heart rate on screen, if you like to know your heart rate when exercising then the IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill is for you.

Fifteen exercise programmes are included on the exercise computer which is built into the digital display, twelve of those exercise programmes are professionally designed exercise programs that have specific goals like lose weight, get fit, burn calories, tone, race, gentle walk etc and three of those exercise programmes offer complete manual control where your not following an exercise programme and can just set the speed and incline all by yourself.
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