Large Running Area.

Buy the IM Fitness Marathon Pro Treadmill with Large Running Area and 19 Stone Maximum User Weight and 5 Year Motor Warranty.

If your tall and have a large stride length your need a treadmill that has a long and large running area like the IM Fitness Marathon Pro Treadmill else your either fall of a short treadmill or find you can only jog not run as your be concerned about the length of your stride with the IM Fitness Marathon Pro Treadmill you have a very large running area designed for people that have a large stride length and are tall.
IM Fitness Marathon Pro Treadmill, Large Running Area.

19 Stone Maximum User Weight, 5 Year Motor Warranty.

With a maximum user weight of 19 stone everyone in the family can use this treadmill big or small and with a 5 year warranty on the electric motor that powers the treadmill round you can be sure that this treadmill is strong and built to last.

Stereo speakers built into the display console means you don't have to wear headphones and suffer with headphones that fall off as you jog or sweating inside your headphones, with the IM Fitness Marathon Pro Treadmill simply plug in your MP3 player into the built in speaker system and listen to your favourite music or radio.

There's 18 different exercise programmes built into the exercise computer on the IM Fitness Marathon Pro Treadmill and these programs automatically adjust the treadmill speed to mimic running on a real road or running track, each exercise programme has ten different intensity levels so you can set how hard a run you would like on any of the running tracks, one for easy and level ten for difficult.

With a top speed of nearly 12 miles per hour the IM Fitness Marathon Pro Treadmill is fast enough to keep you motivated and always striving to better your exercise goals and the built in incline feature means that you can raise and lower the running deck to create hills or inclines as you walk or run so if you like running up hills then this is the feature for you.

With a 12 month warranty and free delivery the PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill really is a good deal.
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