8 Resistance Levels.

Buy the IM Fitness ROCK Elliptical Trainer with 8 Resistance Levels and Quiet Magnetic Resistance System and Two Handlebars.

Using a magnetic resistance system the IM Fitness ROCK Elliptical Trainer offers eight levels of magnetic resistance which controls how hard or easy it is to cross train, magnetic resistance systems are very quiet in operation so if you have neighbours or other members of te household that you don't want to disturb with your exercising then the IM Fitness ROCK Elliptical Trainer is the exercise machine to buy.
IM Fitness ROCK Elliptical Trainer, 8 Resistance Levels.

Quiet Magnetic Resistance System, Two Handlebars.

The IM Fitness ROCK Elliptical Trainer has two handlebars the moving or dynamic handlebars offer an all body workout working all the major muscle groups from your arms to your legs whilst the fixed or static handlebars are for working your lower body, on the fixed handlebars your find an integrated pulse sensor, hold the handlebars whilst you use the elliptical trainer and your pulse and heart rate will be displayed on the elliptical trainers digital display.

Large non slip footplates are included and these are large enough for even the biggest feet to stand comfortably whilst they cross train, if you have ever stood on a elliptical trainer and found that your feet are over the edge of the footplates and standing on the guard then your know that a large footplate is very important for bigger feet.

The digital display shows you your pulse as well as the calories you are burning which is valuable information if you're following a diet plan, the digital display also shows you the speed and distance you have travelled and the time you have been using the elliptical trainer for so its very easy to plan an exercise session of say 30 minutes and watch the countdown on the digital display to see when your exercise session is over.
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