Large LCD Display, Handlebar Pulse Sensors.

Buy the IM Fitness Stamina XTI Treadmill with Large LCD Display, Handlebar Pulse Sensors and Shock Absorbing Running Deck.

The cushioned and shock absorbing running deck on the IM Fitness Stamina XTI Treadmill prevents joint injury to your feet, ankles and legs if you have been road running before you wil know how bad pounding the pavement is for your skeletal structure, prevent joint pain and run faster and harder without suffering injury on the IM Fitness Stamina XTI Treadmill.
IM Fitness Stamina XTI Treadmill, Large LCD Display, Handlebar Pulse Sensors.

Shock Absorbing Running Deck.

There's 12 exercise programmes built into the IM Fitness Stamina XTI Treadmill and these exercise programmes all have individual goals so you can choose the goal you would like to achieve like lose weight, get fit, keep fit, increase cardio vascular activity, marathon, brisk walk and more.

With a top speed of 7.5 miles per hour the treadmill is plenty fast enough to keep up with even the fastest of marathon runners, of course the treadmill speed is easily controlled from increase and decrease speed buttons on both the handlebars and the digital display screen so you can run and walk as fast or as slow as you like.

The IM Fitness Stamina XTI Treadmill folds away for easy storage so you won't have to sacrifice any room in your home, just press the lever and fold the treadmill away when not in use.

With a large blue backlight on the LCD display its easy to read the screen even in low light levels and bright light and if you wear spectacles and remove them or your contact lenses for exercise then your be pleased to know that the big display will be easy to see even without your spectacles.

Hand pulse sensors are built into the handlebars, simple hold the handlebars and your pulse and heart rate will be displayed on the digital display, with a 12% automatic incline you can raise and lower the treadmill surface to create a hill simply by pressing the incline and decline buttons on the treadmill controls, many treadmills have a manual incline which requires you to stop, get off the treadmill and make an adjustment with the IM Fitness Stamina XTI Treadmill everything is automatic and you can lower and raise the hill angle automatically even when your running.
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