IronMan HG009 2 Station Gym

Buy the IronMan HG009 2 Station Gym with Two Seperate Stations and 200lb Weight Stack Included.

With the IronMan HG009 2 Station Gym you get 200lbs of weight for the weight stack included in the price which is good news because many other home gym manufacturers sell their home gyms without any weights leaving you with more expense, so buy the IronMan HG009 2 Station Gym and get the weights included free of charge, delivery by courier is free as well which is just as well as delivering all that weight might cost quite a bit.
IronMan HG009 2 Station Gym, Two Seperate Stations.

Two Seperate Stations, 200lb Weight Stack Included.

Included in the home gym is a butterfly press with a two position handle for working on your biceps, triceps and pectoral muscles as well as a lateral pulldown bar for working on your arms, shoulders, back and chest muscles, there's arm extension pads too that you can use with the free weights to work on your biceps and triceps muscles specifically.

There's an arm curl bar as well which you can use seated or standing or even as a rowing station to work your upper body muscles, included is an abdominal crunch harness to tone and strengthen the oblique muscles and your abdomen.

Finally there's the leg press which has many different feet positions so you can target different leg muscles.

When you buy the IronMan HG009 2 Station Gym you get 12 months warranty included so any problems in your first year and a engineer will repair or replace your multigym.

The IronMan HG009 2 Station Gym is matt black in colour and looks very much the professional multigym with a lateral pulldown bar above the seat and a chest press to the side with a large weight stack of individually selectable weights using the familiar moving pin on the weight stack.

The seat back and seat bottom along with the chest press arms is covered in a safety foam that not only provides comfort but helps prevent injury too.
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