Orchid Eos Massage Table in Cream

Buy the Orchid Eos Massage Table in Cream this Luxury Massage Table Folds Down Into Own Carry Case.

The Orchid Eos Massage Table massage table will suit everyone from the beginner just taking a class in massage to the experience mobile massage therapist or even a spa or beauty salon looking for a luxury massage table that will fold down into a small case when not in use.
Orchid Eos Massage Table in Cream, Luxury Massage Table.

Luxury Massage Table, Folds Down Into Own Carry Case.

The frame is made from high quality beech wood which looks spectacular, this dark coloured wood looks great against the cream PU leather of the table with over two inches of high quality memory foam inside the massage table leaving your clients feeling well supported as they have a massage, the massage table frame is incredibly strong supporting a massage client weight of 38 stone so your be able to offer massage to everyone without the embarrassment of having to turn heavier clients away because you did not have a massage table strong enough.

The Orchid Eos Massage Table is a folding table so its designed to be lightweight and will fold up in on itself like a suitcase within the face cradle and arm rests being secured underneath the table (you fold the table closed and the underneath of the table becomes the inside of the suitcase) so all your accessories are securely held inside the suitcase so there's no danger of accidentally leaving any massage table parts at a clients house.

The face cradle can be removed easily if not required and in use can be angled at any angle up to forty five degrees so your client can have the best possible position, the height of the massage table is fully adjustable too so you can lower or higher the table depending on the size of your client.
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