Orchid Penia Massage Table in Cream

Buy the Orchid Penia Massage Table in Cream the Folding Massage Table with Adjustable and Removable Face Cradle, Cream PU Leather and Beautiful Beech Wood Frame.

The Orchid Penia Massage Table is a good value folding massage table that's easy to transport and easy to store as the massage table folds up to half its size, there's an adjustable face cradle which can be adjusted from the flat position up to a forty five degree angle and the face cradle can be pulled off the table if not required, its a simply push and pull to put the face cradle back on and no tools are required.
Orchid Penia Massage Table in Cream, Folding Massage Table.

Folding Massage Table with Adjustable, Removable Face Cradle, Cream PU Leather and Beautiful Beech Wood Frame.

The cover on the massage table is a beautiful PU cream leather which is on top of over two inches of soft yet supportive memory foam making the Orchid Penia Massage Table a very luxurious table and with the beautiful beech wood frame having a dark brown rich wood feel this is a lovely massage table that I'm sure many clients will want to comment on.

When it comes to moving the massage table around between home and work of massage clients homes its easy to move thanks to the folding mechanism which easily folds the table into half its size, the table then fits into a bag with a large shoulder strap for carrying through your massage clients front door.

The face cradle and side armrests as well as the separate face bung are all removable but don't worry about losing any items when you unpack at your massage clients home as all the removable items can be locked in place underneath the massage table, this underneath area forms the inside of the case when the massage table is folded.

The carry bag will keep your massage table looking nice year after year and when in the carry bag you can throw your massage table into the boot of your car knowing the big bag will protect it and keep the table nice between client visits.
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