Single Column Design for More Room.

Buy the PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill the Single Column Design for More Room with Integrated Runner Cooling Fan and MP3 Player Stereo Speakers.

If your in need of a big treadmill that has plenty of room so your not forever banging your feet on the treadmill supports then buy the PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill which has a unique single column design that takes up far less room giving you far more room.
PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill, Single Column Design for More Room.

Integrated Runner Cooling Fan, MP3 Player Stereo Speakers.

The PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill also features a built in cooling fan that provides cool air for you whilst you walk or run on the treadmill you can direct the cooling fan towards you or any angle you like or turn the cooling fan off if you prefer, also included are stereo speakers built into the display console so if your fed up with headphones that always fall off when your jogging or sweaty earphones then plug your MP3 player directly into the stereo speakers on the PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill and enjoy music whilst you exercise.

The large running deck contains high strength shock absorbers that protect your legs, ankles, feet and hips from the shock injury of pounding on a treadmill and cushion your running and walking so you don't get joint injuries.

In the handlebars are two pulse sensors one in each handlebar these measure your pulse and calculate your heart rate displaying your heart rate on the digital display, the exercise computer has seven exercise programmes built in that let you choose between walking, jogging, running, keep fit, fast run, marathon and more.

The large handlebars provide for multiple different handgrips so if you like to hold the handlebars at the top of the treadmill, towards the bottom or somewhere in the middle your find a comfortable grip on the PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill.

With a 12 month warranty and free delivery the PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill really is a good deal.
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