Semi-Commercial Treadmill.

Buy the PowerTech Mira 7000 Treadmill the Semi-Commercial Treadmill with Large Cushioned Running Deck, Built In Speakers and Cooling Fan.

If you want a treadmill that will last for many years and is so strong and powerful that it has been rated as semi-commercial then buy the PowerTech Mira 7000 Treadmill.
PowerTech Mira 7000 Treadmill, Semi-Commercial Treadmill.

Large Cushioned Running Deck, Built In Speakers, Cooling Fan.

With the large cushioned running deck your have lots of room and won't feel like your running on a knife edge your also benefit from the cushioning which absorbs the impact as you run so your feet and legs don't get tired and you won't suffer pain from repeated impact to the joints in your feet, legs and hips.

Quick buttons on the console located directly in front of the runner provide access to the power incline feature which will lift one end of the treadmill running deck up whilst your standing on the treadmill, even whilst your running so that you can set an incline and run or walk up hill, the level of incline is fully controlled from the quick buttons on the console and can be highered or lowered as you like.

On the console you have a large and easy to read LCD display, built in speaker into which you can plug your MP3 player, iPod or iPhone and have music or the radio come out of the stereo speakers on either side of the console which is much better than wearing headphones that always fall out when your jogging or get sweaty when your running.

There's seven exercise programmes built into the PowerTech Mira 7000 Treadmill and these are designed to help you achieve goals like lose weight, build muscle, build speed, slow walk, marathon and more as well as these built in exercise programmes there's also a manual mode so you can set your own incline and speed if you prefer to do your own thing and not follow an exercise programme.

With a top speed of nearly 12 miles per hour your find the PowerTech Mira 7000 Treadmill more than fast enough, always able to push you that little bit harder to get the best from your training.
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