Luxury Treadmill.

Buy the PowerTech Olympian Treadmill the Luxury Treadmill with Extra Wide Deck, Powerful Motor and Racetrack Style Display.

This luxury treadmill has it all with a HTN computer display that features a racetrack where you can see yourself running round the racetrack, ideal for setting goals and beating them the next time you exercise, to the instant access buttons for both speed and incline the PowerTech Olympian Treadmill can do it all.
PowerTech Olympian Treadmill, Luxury Treadmill.

Extra Wide Deck, Powerful Motor, Racetrack Style Display.

Forty eight professionally designed exercise programmes are built into the computer of the PowerTech Olympian Treadmill so you can choose one of these programmes that best matches your goals, fast running, cardio vascular, strength train, lose weight etc or use the manual control buttons and just set the speed and incline you would like to run at manually.

As well as handlebar and digital display buttons for controlling the speed increase and decrease you can also control the level of incline (hill) that you would like whilst you run or walk on the treadmill, press the incline button and motors within the running deck automatically raise one end of the running deck upwards, press the incline decrease button and the treadmill deck will lower, all automatic and all can be done whilst the treadmill is in use and you are running or walking on the treadmill.

The treadmill deck is extra wide and will support a maximum runners weight of 21 stone, the vibration and knock absorbing MDF running board reduces stress on your ankle, foot, knee, leg and hip joints to reduce injury, even if you like to pound the treadmill your find on the PowerTech Olympian Treadmill you get a much smoother run without pain or sprains associated with running.

The EKG handrails monitor your pulse as you hold the handrails you don't need to attach any wires to yourself just holding the handrails measures your pulse and calculates your heart rate which is displayed on screen.
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