Height Adjustable Handlebars.

Buy the PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer with Height Adjustable Handlebars, Pulse Sensors and Large Non Slip Foot Plates.

Looking for an excellent value elliptical trainer that has a full range of features yet is much cheaper than you would think for such a beautiful elliptical trainer then take a look at the PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer with a silver grey colour and distinctive and attractive light blue markings with dark grey footplates you have a very good looking elliptical trainer at a great price.
PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer, Height Adjustable Handlebars.

Pulse Sensor, Large Non Slip Foot Plates.

The handlebars are height adjustable so whether your tall or short your be able to use this elliptical trainer with ease and built into the handlebars is a pulse sensor, hold the handlebars whilst you use the elliptical trainer and the pulse in your hand will be automatically read and displayed on the digital display screen.

The pulse is used to calculate your heart rate which is displayed in BPM Beats Per Minute if you are at all concerned about your heart being able to see your current heart rate whilst you exercise is extremely valuable as you can see if your heart rate falls or increases whilst you exercise.

On the digital display screen you can see your pulse from the handgrips, the time you have been elliptical training for, the speed measured in strokes per minute that you have been training at and the distance you have travelled as well as how may calories you have burned whilst you have been exercising, if your on a diet knowing how many calories you have lost while exercising will help you keep an accurate record of your diet and fitness.

Built into the digital display console is a radio and headphones so you can listen to the radio whilst you use the elliptical trainer the advantage of this is you don't need a separate radio or MP3 player, the radio is built right into the elliptical trainer.
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