Medium Range Treadmill, High Spec Computer.

Buy the PowerTech Pacemaker Plus Treadmill the Medium Range Treadmill with High Spec Computer and Large Frame With Plenty of Room.

For a medium priced treadmill buy the PowerTech Pacemaker Plus Treadmill whish has an oversize frame giving you plenty of room to move about whilst your walking or running without feeling boxed in and the high specification exercise computer has a massive 48 exercise programmes that you can choose from with options like lose weight, build leg muscle, increase heart rate, fast run, walking and lots more.
PowerTech Pacemaker Plus Treadmill, Medium Range Treadmill, High Spec Computer.

Large Frame With Plenty of Room.

If you like walking on an incline or running up hill then the PowerTech Pacemaker Plus Treadmill is for you as it features an automatic 16 stage incline, you can add any size hill you like just by pressing the buttons on the digital display, you can add or adjust an incline even whilst your running as the motorised deck with increase or decrease in incline as you adjust.

The high spec computer is easy to use and can even measure your BMI Body Mass Index for you as well as monitor and display your heart rate and pulse on the computer screen in real-time whilst your running, your pulse is measured by sensors inside the handgrips which measure your pulse automatically as you hold the handgrips and from the pulse your heart rate in BMP Beats Per Minute is calculated and displayed.

There are 48 professionally designed exercise programs each of which can be used on different strength levels, there are 10 strength levels or intensity levels available so you can use the same exercise programme for a quick and mild run or increase the intensity and get a super hard marathon workout the choice is yours as the intensity level is fully adjustable.

The PowerTech Pacemaker Plus Treadmill has a large running area so there's plenty of room to stand the way you like to stand as your not hemmed into a small area and with the large double handlebars there's a sturdy handlebars to hold on if you need it.

The running track also features a six point shock absorbing system which prevents your knees and other joints from getting sore or begin to ache that's because running is a high impact exercise activity as your continuously jarring your body with every step down on the treadmill your knees, ankles, calves, hips, thighs, back, neck and spine are all susceptible to aches and injury due to jarring but with the PowerTech Pacemaker Plus Treadmill there's six suspension systems (six points of shock absorption) under the running track which absorbs the jarring so its not felt up through your body as you run.

The PowerTech Pacemaker Plus Treadmill also has powered incline that means you can adjust the angle of the track your running on to create a hill because walking or running uphill works different muscles than walking on the flat, muscles like your calf muscles inn the back of your legs, your thigh muscles and your tummy muscles so its an ideal way to trim and shape and tone.

The powered incline can be adjusted both manually and automatically, manually there's a button on control panel in front of the treadmill press the incline increased and incline decrease button and the front of the treadmill will rise up creating a hill for you to run or walk up the powered incline will lift the treadmill upwards whilst your running or walking on the treadmill there's no need to get off the treadmill rises and falls slowly so its not going to make you fall off or anything like that.
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