Cheapest Elliptical Trainer.

Buy the PowerTech X Train 1000 Magnetic Elliptical the Cheapest Elliptical Trainer with Calories, Pulse Display and Free Delivery.

Whilst being the cheapest elliptical trainer you can buy PowerTech haven't sacrificed quality you get a lot for your money with the PowerTech X Train 1000 Magnetic Elliptical like an easy to use computer display that even though this is a value elliptical trainer displays the full range of exercises statistics including your pulse, this is calculated by a pulse sensor in the handgrips, hold the handgrips and your pulse is automatically sensed and displayed on the exercise computer, your calories burned, this is calculated when you enter your weight on the computer display and tells you how many calories you have used whilst your exercising, if your trying to lose weight knowing how many calories you are burning will help if your on a calorie controlled diet.
PowerTech X Train 1000 Magnetic Elliptical, Cheapest Elliptical Trainer.

Calories, Pulse Display, Free Delivery.

The time you have been cross training for is also displayed on the computer as is your current speed in strokes per minute and the distance you would have travelled whilst exercising.

There's a variable resistance knob to adjust how hard it is to move the pedals and therefore how hard your exercising, magnetic resistance is used as its super quiet and has few moving parts so there's nothing to wear out or need replacing plus you get a one year warranty where if you have any problems an engineer will visit you at home to repair your PowerTech X Train 1000 Magnetic Elliptical or deliver a replacement.

Talking of delivery, delivery is free so this really is a great bargain and with transport wheels that touch the floor when you lift one end of the elliptical trainer your find the PowerTech X Train 1000 Magnetic Elliptical easy to store as well.

With large non slip footplates there's plenty of room for your feet no matter how large your shoe size and with five levels of resistance you can tailor your exercise exactly to your ability, one easy or five difficult.
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