Powertech Rapide Magnetic Bike.

Buy the Powertech Rapide Magnetic Bike the Cheapest Exercise Bike in the UK offering Great Value, Great Features and with an Exercise Computer Included.

The Powertech Rapide Magnetic Bike has an all steel construction and will last for many years and comes with a one year free warranty and free delivery.
Powertech Rapide Magnetic Bike, Cheapest Exercise Bike in the UK.

Cheapest Exercise Bike in the UK.

If you have any problems with the Powertech Rapide Magnetic Bike in the first year under the warranty an engineer will visit your home and repair or replace your exercise bike.

The Powertech Rapide Magnetic Bike has a exercise computer that's mounted between the handlebars and measures the time you have been cycling for which is very helpful in planning an exercise session as you can for example decide to do 30 minutes exercise on the bike and keep watching the digital display to see when 30 minutes are up.

The digital display also shows the speed at which you're cycling as well as the distance you have cycled, there's a resistance knob mounted on the centre column of the exercise bike which is within easy reach when your sat on the seat, the resistance knob makes pedalling harder or easier so you can adjust how hard a workout you want, increasing the resistance by turning the resistance knob clockwise will make peddling harder and get you fitter quicker, your legs will tone and your bottom will get toned too, your legs will strengthen and the cardio vascular activity of cycling is good exercise for your whole body.

Turning the resistance knob anti-clockwise makes cycling easier but it will take longer to get fit, start with a small amount of resistance and increase over the coming weeks as you get fitter.

The bike seat is well padded and comfortable, its a large seat too so you won't find yourself slipping off.
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