Top of The Range Treadmill.

Buy the Powertech Ultimate X LCD Treadmill the Top of The Range Treadmill with Built In Flat Screen LCD Freeview Television.

The Powertech Ultimate X LCD Treadmill is a top of the range treadmill with everything you need for the best workout either walking or running, the Powertech Ultimate X LCD Treadmill features a powered incline button which will raise or lower the treadmill to simulate walking or running up hill the powered incline offers twenty different positions from no hill at all to twenty degrees and you can even adjust the incline whilst your running or walking.
Powertech Ultimate X LCD Treadmill, Top of The Range Treadmill.

Built In Flat Screen LCD Freeview Television.

The running deck is extra large and extra wide so there's plenty of room to move around whilst your walking or running and there's even a full colour Freeview LCD flat panel TV built into the centre console so if you want to watch TV, listen to the radio or watch a DVD whilst you run or walk you can.

You can plug your cable TV box or Freeview box into the flat panel TV and watch all the latest movies or catch up on the news, if you want to keep having a workout every day but sometimes find it hard to stay dedicated then watch the TV whilst you run or jog it will help to pass the time quicker.

Designed for everyone from the small to the large person the running deck is cushioned against vibration and running impact to protect your joints and making sure you don't get sore feet, legs and hips from running on a surface that is too hard.

The powerful motor that drives the treadmill forwards and the powered incline can both be controlled by the exercise programmes to automatically adjust your exercise programme and give you a really authentic running or walking experience just like your running outside on a road that can constantly change with hills and dips and fast straights and slower bends.

There's 25 exercise programmes to choose from which will help you achieve common goals like lose weight, stay in shape, tome, run hard, gentle walk etc or you can use the quick start buttons to set your own speed and incline levels.
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