SEG 1696 Exercise Bike.

Buy the SEG 1696 Exercise Bike which has 37 Resistance Levels, 15 Workout Programmes and EMS, Eddy Current Braking System.

For a truly stylish exercise bike that's designed for the home and has one a semi-commercial rating choose the SEG 1696 Exercise Bike, its built to last and looks beautiful with silver chrome coloured seat pillar and light tan grey housing with black foam seta and handlebars, plus you get a two year warranty where an engineer will come out to your home and repair or replace your SEG 1696 Exercise Bike if there are any problems.
SEG 1696 Exercise Bike, 37 Resistence Levels, 15 Workout Programmes.

37 Resistance Levels, 15 Workout Programmes.

The internal frame is steel for strength and the beautiful coloured panels are aluminium, the feet have built in stabilisers to stop any movement or vibration and the feet have adjustable end levelling caps so you can adjust the legs to sit flat even on the most uneven of floors, this prevents rocking and vibration noises which if you have suffered from them on an old exercise bike your know how irritating it can be.

There's nine exercise programmes built into the exercise computer and digital display and they offer fat burn, fitness test, mountain, rolling valley and many more all designed to be fun as well as good exercise.

On the front post within easy reach is a water bottle and holder whish is included with the SEG 1696 Exercise Bike, and with a 22 stone maximum user weight your find this strong and sturdy exercise bike can be used by the whole family.

There's 16 levels of magnetic resistance to select so the exercise bike is great for those looking to get fit as well as those that are fit already and looking for an exercise bike that will push them further.

The EMS Eddy Current Braking system is the safest braking system available and your find the SEG 1696 Exercise Bike uses the same braking technology as high speed trains so they can stop in double quick time.
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