SEG 1698 Exercise Bike.

Buy the SEG 1698 Exercise Bike the Semi-Commercial Exercise Bike that's Used in Gyms and Sports Centres and is Top of The Range and Family Friendly.

The SEG 1698 Exercise Bike is a top of the range exercise bike that's designed specifically for home use and has proved so popular and hardwearing that its been designated semi-commercial and is now in use by gyms and sports centres too.
SEG 1698 Exercise Bike, Semi-Commercial Exercise Bike.

Semi-Commercial Exercise Bike.

The saddle naturally is height adjustable and can be lowered right down or raised up high to accommodate the tallest and the shortest, there's many family friendly features on the SEG 1698 Exercise Bike not least the saddle the pedals are self balancing so they will always stop with the pedals top and bottom making it easy to climb on or off without needing to move the pedals round and there's adjustable foot straps on the pedals too so you can hold your feet tight on the pedals ideal if you want to go fast for the more sedate cycle you don't need to use the foot straps if you don't want too.

As well as nine pre-set exercise programmes like fat burn, fitness test, random, rolling and mountain you can if you prefer just press the quick start keys and start pedalling and select the resistance level you would like to cycle against and your off and cycling whilst some members of the family will explore every option on the exercise computer other members of the family will prefer to press go and start cycling without reference to the exercise computer and with the SEG 1698 Exercise Bike both types of family member are catered for.

Included is a water bottle which is mounted within easy reach even when your sat on the seat and the handlebars have multiple hand locations so family members can hold the handlebars on the sides or front whichever they find most comfortable.
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