SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer.

Buy the SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer the Commercial and Home Use Cross Trainer with Large 19 Inch Stride Length.

The SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer can be used in a commercial environment like a gym or health club and in your home, the elliptical trainer is strong, very well built and with an excellent specification and comes with a two year warranty where an engineer will visit you at home or your commercial premises to repair or replace the elliptical trainer if you get a fault within two years an extended warranty of three years is also available and delivery is free.
SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer, Commercial and Home Use Cross Trainer.

Commercial and Home Use Cross Trainer.

The SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer comes with a 19 inch stride length that's a lot larger than most elliptical trainers and means that if your tall you can have a stride position that's more comfortable rather than having a elliptical trainer that forces your legs to be too close together in an uncomfortable shorter stride.

The pedals are oversized which means there's room to put your feet exactly where you want them to go rather than being forced in some small box that hardly fits your feet and often times leaves your feet on top of the guards because there's no where big enough for your feet, well that's not a problem with the large stride length and oversized pedals on the SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer.

On the feet of the elliptical trainer are adjustable floor levellers so if your floor is not level you won't be getting any vibration sounds, scratching, wobbling or rocking just adjust the floor levellers and you can use the SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer on any floor no matter how uneven.

There's 32 levels of resistance available that's the force that you pedal against so plenty of choice on exactly how hard or easy you want to exercise.
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