SEG RT6550 Gym and Rower.

Buy the SEG RT6550 Gym and Rower the Rowing Machine Combined With Home Gym that offers Rower, Bicep Curl, Leg Stretch, Back and Abdominal Workouts.

The SEG RT6550 Gym and Rower is unique in that not only are you buying a highly capable rowing machine that's designed for home use but is so well made that its been rated as full commercial, not semi commercial use like some rowing machines buy full commercial use meaning its good enough to be used day in a day out in a high use area like a gym or sports club.
SEG RT6550 Gym and Rower, Rowing Machine Combined With Home Gym.

Rowing Machine Combined With Home Gym.

As well as a capable rowing machine you get a mini home gym as well the mini home gym is part of the rowing machine and no extra add on parts are needed, use the SEG RT6550 Gym and Rower for rowing, bicep curls, leg stretches and back and abdominal muscle exercises.

The rowing machine pedals are fully adjustable so if you have ever got sore feet on a fixed pedal rower then your know what a good feature this is keeping your feet free from pain and discomfort, the home gym part of the rower can be used to work your abs, legs, back and biceps so if you ever wanted 6 pack abs then this is the rowing machine for you.

The main frame is made from anodised aluminium which has been anodised so it can be coloured a beautiful dark grey, the seat slides effortlessly back and forth on the aluminium rail with very low friction so your always guaranteed of a steady row without jerky stop start motions like you can feel on steel rail rowers.

The exercise computer and digital display is mounted at eye height and easily seen even on the backwards stroke, the exercise computer shows your pulse, the time you have been rowing, the number of rows and your calories.
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